Sunday, March 23, 2008


Quotes are from a friend's note on facebook, thanks Christina.

"you see, they say if you die in your dream, then you're dead in real life"coz the body can't survive without the mind" - they said it in the matrix"

You see, when you die in your dream, then you are dead in that dream, in that life, in that real life.

You don't experience that death. You don't experience death. Ever.

You just awake, in a new world. With a new history. A new place in time.

"i keep dreamin about dying"

Maybe you keep living about dying.

I dream
I live

I dream about dying
I live about dying

Is there any practical difference in those pairs? Yes there is an obvious pragmatic difference, but what is the difference between dreaming death, and living death?

If you sit there screaming you can't live death - wake up - you can't dream death either.

How do you know you are dreaming?

I ask, how do you know you are living?

You state you have been conscious of dreaming before.

I note I am conscious that I am living now.