Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A World of Opportunity

If only you open your eyes.

I was recently sad to hear the story of a HKU psychology undergraduate, who, due to his degree felt the only fields open for his future career were education and research!

This is a backward view reiterated around the campus, by students and staff alike and it couldn’t be further from the truth. All one has to do is attend a graduate recruitment campus presentation by a corporation to hear the immortal words—”We recruit from any degree background”. A stunned silence ensues over the—90% economics/finance/business based—audience before one dares to check, “so we all start at the same level, regardless of the discipline?”

Yes. What you will quickly realise when you start working is that your degree and even your MBA will be essentially useless unless your job is very specialized; it is the skills that you have gained around your studies that employers are after—companies can easily teach you finance, they can’t so easily change your abilities or personality.

Don’t let your degree limit you, and for all you E&F&A&B majors out there—watch your backs, your job is by no means guaranteed.

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