Monday, February 25, 2008

No time to think?

The other day I was getting frustrated with my PC - its a Dell inspiron 1300, probably 2 and a bit years old and working like a snail. The internet I use here at the University of Hong Kong isn't exactly lightning speed either and does have the odd habit of randomly shutting itself down. It was thus that I started thinking about how much time I, or anyone, could actually save if there was absolutely no waiting around involved in using a PC. No start-up time, no login time, no loading new windows, no bloody McAfee virus protector downloader, or you need to renew your subscription reminders (on another note I really think anti-virus and the such actually just slow your PC down more than the viruses would...). Everything would just happen instantly.

But then I realised that the whole reason I even have this blog, that the only reason I even had that thought, was because of those tiny delays in the use of my PC that allow me to pause and reflect. Without those delays would I have no time to think?

The fact that I see little hope in free will does really effect how seriously I take this. If I had no delay and just had an absolute continuous stream of input/output in the continually evolving path I was taking, I really would just be a robot at a computer. The fact that there are breaks allows conveniently for a return into my illusion of free will, to toss around events, as opposed to being instantly hit by the next input I was searching for.

Out with faster technology - I need time to think!

I was sitting cursing and tapping at my PC earlier today as I tried to rush off a philosophy essay in order to get it in before the deadline, I would have paid for faster technology in a flash then.

PS - read the other day 'time' is the most used noun in the english language.

PPS - could I use 'postscript' instead of PS, or would people just think I was being pretentious?

Post-post-postscript - I am trying some keyword heavy internal linking to promote my blogs - university career and does truth matter. Apologies for the outrageous spam.

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Robert Iddiols said...

One of the best things I did with my Gateway (American) laptop was get rid of McAfee. If you want a sure-fire way of slowing your PC and irritating you every time you do a simple task on the web, simply download McAfee security center.

I'm all for smoother technology and quicker processing times, by the way.